Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
South West, West, North West

Iquique is meant to be the Organyà of South America.

The conditions are fairly consistent, starting at 10am with an hour or two break between 13h or 14h, depending when the thermals start getting punchy, and starts again after lunch.

Iquique has the benefit of being in the Atacama desert's coast, where the climate is very dry, raining one or two days a year on average... Meaning you are sure to get flights most days.

The distance to ground on the box is on average around 650 due to the cloudbase ceiling being on average that far from the ground. The usable height is much less though... you will only be able to use around 300m of height before you have to return to the dynamic thermals to regain altitude.