Walensee - Schrina

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The Schrina take-off is overlooking the beautiful Walensee in Eastern-Switzerland. There are many SIV trainings hosted here however the altitude over the water is really not that good! Depending on the conditions pilots sometimes arrive with only 3-400 meters into the maneuver box (but even best case scenario is 500 meter by straight glide)! The startplace is situated on the edge of a plateau below the high peaks of the Churfirsten ridge at half altitude. Immediately after getting airborne you have to turn left to avoid the trees in front of launch. The landing place is not directly at the lakeside but 300 meters further away so this takes even more altitude away. There are strict rules about the landing - it is prohibited to land anywhere else than the official paragliding landing zone!

Flying conditions are best before the valley wind gets strong - till early afternoon hours. Since the take-off is fairly low with the time the valley wind reaches as high as the startplace and creates dangerous turbulences!
The best place to gain extra altitude is the big cliff left (east) of the take-off. After take-off turn left immediately and follow the slope closely till you arrive. If you are lucky you may end up seeing some BASE jumpers flying by you on their wingsuit from the cliffs above (the famous "crack" is just around the corner).

The take off place is accessible by car (N47 08.522 E9 16.033 at 1300 meter). On a regular flying day the local taxi company offers shuttle service for paragliders with their vans (up to 15 people per turn). The costs are 12 CHF (in 2013).

There is another startplace directly above Schrina on the top of the Churfirsten ridge from Chäserrugg! This other site has an elevation of 1800 meters and with guaranteed 1400 meters out over the lake is the probably highest over-the-water flying site in the world! Read about the Chäserugg site here!

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