Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North, South East, South, South West, North West

The Stoderzinken is located in the upper enns valley, a beatiful place to fly. There is a 10km road up to approximatly 1800m and then you have to go 5 to 10 minutes to the lower startplace (start direction south). In sumer you can easily lift up from here, because the thermals are directly in front of the startplace.
If it´s not possible to start there, you can walk to the top of the mountain (20-30 min) where it´s possible to start in every in direction.

With strong thermals it´s possible to fly to the next eastern mountain (Kammspitze) to do the "acrocircle" -> lift up, do some acro, lift up, do some acro... (of course it´s also possible on the stoderzinken, but then there is a big forest under your position; at kammspitze there is a grssland neaby.