Misty to Tumbling


One of the latest aerobatic tricks, the Misty Tumbling was invented by Herminio Cordido in 2003.
This maneuver starts with an extremely dynamic Misty Flip, which is a perfectly controlled 360 degrees spin of the glider with high pitch. During the exit the pilot swings down with a big momentum and at the same time the canopy shoots forward very fast. Instead of stopping in front the pilot lets the glider go beneath with full speed. If everything goes well the following dive is big enough to pass above the wing in Tumbling movement. To perform this maneuver not only the pilot’s skills are necessary but a specific glider too. It is like Infinity Tumbling, only the best acro-wings are suited to this.


Grab the outside riser and lead in a powerful Misty Flip or AssChopper entered from Wing Over, Asymmetric Spiral or Deep Spiral. During the Misty the glider has to be open all the way, because even with a small tip collapse you loose too much energy. Just as you would exit like a normal Misty Flip release the brake completely when the glider is behind, push out the outside riser as much as you can (to keep the tension in the tip) and let the glider to shoot below at full speed. You will pass above the glider in Tumbling movement. If the first turn is completely clear and stable you can try to make another, but you may have to use rhythmic to perform it safely. If your technique is perfect you can build up the Tumbling to Infnity (Misty to Infinity).


Lead it out as a Tumbling or Infinity.


All the bad things can happen…


Misty to Infinity

Glider: APCO Twister
Note: Probably the first ever made Misty to Infinity.
It took few turns to reach the perfect angle by rhytmization.