Mac Twist


From a dynamic movement a Negative Spin is performed. Due to the big pendulum, the pilot swings out from under the glider while it’s spinning 1 turn extremely fast on it’s side (at the same level with the pilot).

It’s one of the most spectatular but also the most dangerous manouvres so through safety reasons, you have to learn this trick gradually. First of all, be expert in performing Spin and Dynamic Full Stall. Start practiecing only with small amount of energy and increase the dynamic only if you feel confident and safety.


There’s extremely high risk of getting a riser twist. To prevent it, set your harness to sitting position, release the chest strap as much as possible, put your legs under your harness and be ready to turn with your glider. Don’t try this manovre with lying harness!


There are several different ways to lead in a MacTwist:

Grab the left riser and start to lead in a SAT to the right. Just before you would enter the SAT as normal, pull more right brake immediately. Now the glider will Spin while it’s in front of you.
Actually it’s not really a Mac Twist (you doesn’t swing up), preferably a very dynamic spin, but the movement is pretty similar so it’s a very good practice.


Enter a manouvre such as Asymmetric Spiral or Wing-Over. Lead it out quickly and symmetrically, without bleeding out the energy gradually, to generate a significant climb (just as you would make a Dynamic Full Stall). Grab the outer riser and pull a negative at the same moment you reach the lowest point. Due to the big pendulum, you swing up while the glider spins far behind you.

You can also enter a Mac Twist with taking speed by a dynamic surge, for example after exiting from an Asymmetric SAT or Tumbling.

Depends on the glider and the amount of the energy at the entry, it could be pretty hard to Spin the glider due to the increased brake pressure, so be prepared for it. You may also have to take extra wraps on the brake.

Do the Mac Twist always to the same direction as you did the last turn before.
If you have lot’s of energy, you can wait a little bit more and start the negative after you passed the lowest point. It will be also easier to spin the glider, because the brake became lighter as you start to climb. However, be careful not to wait too long otherwise you may lose too much energy, the glider won’t turn fast enough and you can get big collapsed and cravattes.

To generate very fast rotation you have to start early, when the energy (and the brake pressure..) is on it’s highest.


Keep spinning the glider until you swing back underneath, than gently pull down the outer brake to stop the rotation. Once you stabilized the glider, let it fly (release the brakes), and control the following surge.

You can also lead it out with Full Stall, what can be easier and safer at the beginning.


All bad things can EASILY happens, from very large cravattes, through riser twisting (extremely high risk!) and finally to throwing your reserve…

If you cannot pull the brake hard enough to spin the glider, you may enter an Asymmetric SAT, so be prepared what to do in this case.

At the moment you lead in the Mac Twist the lines are under extremely increased loading, especially on the negative side! Make sure your equimpent’s conditions is good enough to stand out this, otherwise some of the lines can break! It’s also not much fun if your brakeline gone in the middle of the manouvre… In this case if you manage to stabilize the glider, go to land as soon as possible using the „D” riser. If the canopy is not safely steerable anymore, don’t hesitate to throw your reserve!

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monkbaaz's picture

This time I really wanna say something about Mac Twist and Misty Flip:
many people ask themselves :
What is the difference between misty and mactwist?. This is a story for some people.....
Well , this is my opinion:D :
The "twist" part is common, the exit is what differs:
So you spin in both. But one exits fast (1 turn precisely) and the other over 2 turn (the nice ones).Just as well the misty exits diving (into tumbe if too high!) and the mactwist always into deepstall. Conclusion: you can always exit via mactwist but you can only exit via misty if not too much speed on the entry. Otherwise, exit via tumbling :) I believe there are mactwists that can not be exited as mistys.
And there is a gap. 1.5 turn exit via misty = not a good idea.
maybe it's just me, but I almost every time get a cravat. A nasty one. So either 360 misty, or 360 +.... exit mactwist.
I like mactwist. I just pull on the outer riser , but not like sat , like i hang like on a rope, quite hard, during the whole maneovre. The glider spins very nice and I almost never get twist or cravatte. I wait, climb, wheitshift in, grab and pull the outer riser, inner side stalls, under me spin, exiting backwards, still turning, wait, release!
The glider shoots forward nicely from the Almost every time! I love the maneouvre, and I wonder, if it would work the same with other gliders (i'm flying morpheus 19 70 pilotweight) it would be an always-happy mactwist exit. I''l keep testing , at least for me it works!