Helico to SAT


From a Helicopter exit, a SAT entered at very low speed. Pretty difficult manouvre, needs a very precise handling.


To prevent riser twisting, set your harness to sitting position, release the chest strap as much as possible, put your legs under your harness and be ready to turn with your glider.


Start a Helicopter to the right. It has to be very stable and smooth! At the same moment slowly shift your weight to the negative side and gently release the brake only few centimeters. By this the glider starts exit from the Helicopter and slowly shoots forward asymmetrically. In the meanwhile grab and push out the left riser as much as you can to prevent a collapse on the lower tip, get your body into SAT position! The right side of the wing stay higher just as in a SAT and slowly you start to rotate around the glider and gain momentum. Wait until the glider picks up enough speed and you start to feel more pressure on the right brake, then pull it back again (still gently) to enter the SAT.


Lead it out as a simple SAT.


All dangers of Helicopter, and SAT. If your timing is bad and you try to enter the SAT too early without enough speed or you pull too much brake, you can easily end up in a Spin or get a big collapse on the lower side.