Dynamic Full Stall


Entering a Full Stall from a dynamic movement, when the glider is far behind the pilot. It could be so strong, that the pilot reach the level of the glider for few moments.


To prevent riser twisting, set your harness to sitting position, open the chest strap as much as possible and put your legs under the harness. Take one wrap if the brakelines are long.


Accelerate the glider with the speed bar or lead in a dynamic manouvre like, Deep Spiral, Asymmetric Spiral, SAT, Wing-Over, etc. Lead it out quick, without bleeding out the energy gradually. Take care on the symmetry, so you have to pass straigt under the middle of the canopy! After the lowest point, you starts to climb with lot’s of speed. Help it by slowly pull down the brakes a bit. Just before you would reach the highest point, pull the brakes all the way down to Full Stall the glider. At this moment you can experience zero-gravity! Be prepared, it will be much harder to keep the brakes locked, as you swing (almost fall) back under the glider and it takes also much more time and height as in a normal Full Stall.

For taking speed I recommend the Asymmetric Spiral or the Wing-Over insted of the Deep Spiral, because due to the kind of movement, it’s much easier to adjust a symmetrical dive under the canopy.


Keep the brakes locked until you return under the glider and it doesn’t swinging anymore, than lead it out as a normal Full Stall.

Advanced technique:

Just after the glider stalls, release the brakes until Stabilized Full Stall position (while you are falling back). By this the glider will mostly keep it’s shape. As you return under glider, release the brakes even more, than brake the following surge, what could be pretty violent!
This is the fastest possible exiting of a Dynamic Full Stall. Be careful, if you release the brakes too much while it’s far behind you, the glider will shoot forward extremely and you can easily fall into the canopy!


All dangers of Full Stall, and it can be much harder to keep your arms down. Before you try this trick be very advanced with the normal Full Stall! Start practiecing with less energy, and increase the dynamic gradually, only if you feel confident!