Molineti / Pitch pendulum synchro


This manouvre was invented by the Rodriguez brothers, Félix and Raul, in 2001.
Two pilots start to make big dolphines (pitches) next to each other and for opposite rhythm. While one goes up, the other one goes down and so on. Once there’s enough energy and height difference between the two pilots, they center themselves and continue the movement in line so they pass under/over each other. Of course, there’s a high risk of crashing, if the timing goes off.

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miso nice manouvre gais,just fly :)

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Thanks Daniel! I'm happy that you like it!

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Although i'm far away from doing these things, its interesting to read about it.
Cool site by the way, nice download section :)

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Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your notice, it is my mistake. Somehow the same text was copied to index.php?m=18&c=30 Molineti , but now it is correct.


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Is Molineti the same as Rodeo? The hungarian version of the description seems to be different from english one.
Unfortunately i don't understand a word hungarian.
Thankx and regards