Helico to Helico / Twister


Reversing the turning direction of a Helicopter quickly, without leading out the manouvre. Very difficult trick.


To prevent riser twisting, set your harness to sitting position, release the chest strap as much as possible, put your legs under the harness and be ready to turn with your glider.


Enter a Heli to the right. Once the rotation is stable, stop it by gently pulling down the left brake until stall point (it’s quite high in Helicopter!). As the glider starts to parachutes down, stabilize it, then at the right moment release the right brake (and grab the right riser) and keep the left brake to start a Helicopter to the left.
The more the glider stays open, the more beautiful the twister is, but usually the outside tip collapses a bit as the rotation stops.

If you want to learn this trick, first you have to practice how to enter a Helicopter from Full Stall: After you stalled the glider slowly release the brakes to stabilize the Full Stall. Then release the brakes even more until the glider almost totally opens, but it’s still above you. Release one brake at this moment to start a Helico.


Same technique as normal Helicopter.


All dangers of Helicopter, especially riser twisting. Because the glider doesn’t have horizontal speed in the Helicopter, the stall point is located pretty high, so you need only short and gentle brake inputs during the entire maneuver.