SAT to Helico

Also called: Coconut Spin


The Coconut Spin is a spinning exit of a SAT.


To prevent riser twisting, set your harness to sitting position, release the chest strap as much as possible, put your legs under the harness and be ready to turn with your glider.


Enter a SAT and once you are in gradually pull more right brake. By this the SAT slows down, gets steeper and finally the braked (upper) side stall, the movement transforms into a Spin and you swing back under the glider.
Perhaps you wouldn’t do this for the first attempt because of the unexpectedly high brake pressure. You may have to take an extra wrap on the brake to be able to stall the glider. After the glider’s shape starts to break the brake pressure getting lower and at the moment the Spin began the brake getting very light.

When the glider returns above you, gradually center yourself from SAT position and release the brake until Helicopter position, and if your technique is right, the rotation will transform into a Helicopter.


Lead it out as a Spin or Helicopter (Full Stall could be the easiest and safest way).


All dangers of SAT and dangers of Spin. Fortunately the danger of riser twist is a little bit less at the beginning, because you start to spin gradually.